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Baileys Irish Cream Dip — 16 Comments

  1. Oh, wow!!! That is one incredible party in a bowl! I would totally love to devour that entire bowl of goodness with a spoon. That’s normal, right?

    • Hi Jessica,

      I haven’t tried this with cool whip, but I imagine it would be good! If you try it, let me know how it turns out.

  2. I love this!
    Im always getting into debate with my siblings as to why my mother stopped at 6 children although she originally was thinking more along lines of eight. my theory?
    ( And of course the true story. ) That she calculated it would take eight tries before finally getting “the perfect child” She was was glad to have miscalculated
    Turned out 6 is the perfect lucky number. Hahaha It only took her 5 imperfections before Perfect came in the form od me. hahaha Cant neccesarily get Any better than perfect so no need for two more. Hahaha.. This recipe will be confirm such a theory. In my moms eyes anyhow. Hahaha ( even if only for a moment? Im taking it!haha) My mother will LOVE this recipe. What better way to start a new and perfect Thanksgiving tradition? Ha! I’m going to have fun with this Ha!Thank you very much.

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