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Key Lime Pie Dip with Cream Cheese — 17 Comments

    • Hi Sharon, I’ve only ever made this recipe with key lime juice. You could certainly try regular lime juice and I’m sure it would still be good although maybe a slightly different flavor. If you try it, let me know how it turns out.

    • This makes a good amount so I think it could easily serve 20 people at a potluck with other food. I have 10 servings listed as an estimate if this is the only dessert/ snack. It keeps for a few days so you could always double.

  1. We LOVE this so very much!!!! Thank you so very much for sharing this will be a must have at all of our family gatherings.

    • Hi Helen, you could certainly serve this as a dip inside a pie crust, but I would not try to make an actual pie out of this recipe. This makes a dip like consistency which wouldn’t hold together when sliced as a pie.

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