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Yummly for Foodies and Food Bloggers


So I feel like I’ve been living under a social media rock. I didn’t really know what Yummly was all about until today when I decided to explore the site a bit. Ok, if I wasn’t a food blogger then maybe that wouldn’t be so bad. Do you know what Yummly is? If not- here’s the scoop- It’s a recipe /social media site completely dedicated to foodies and those looking for recipes. A place all our own! Pretty cool huh?

I’ve been so focused on Pinterest as the main photo sharing tool for recipes that I had no idea there was another super popular site out there that is growing rapidly and focused on foodies.

About Yummly

Yummly is very easy to use once you get used to how things work. You yum recipes which adds them to your recipe box. From there,  you can organize the recipes into different collections (basically categories). It’s different from Pinterest in that you can only Yum a recipe once (although you can add it to multiple collections within your recipe box). Yummly will choose the photo and information to display for the recipe and you can’t edit this information. Once a recipe is yummed, it can then show up in Yummly search results. The more people who yum a recipe, the higher the chance the recipe will show up in searches. There is a yum counter on each recipe.

Yummly offers extensive recipe search options and the site will learn your preferences and recommend recipes to you. There’s also a mobile app so you can take Yummly on the go with you. The site offers many additional features as well such as shopping lists, nutrition information, and more.

Hop on over and check out my Yummly Publisher Page.

I’ve also updated the social share buttons at the bottom of my blog posts to include the Yum button so you can easily add my recipes to your own Yummly recipe box. Look for this icon below each post:

Yum Icon
Sign up if you are not already a member (it’s free) and join in on the fun.

Happy Yumming!

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